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Transitioni‚Äčng expecting women to be confident mothers.



Doula Service

Please note the "Active Labor" process can take over 15 hours. Labor does not  have a schedule or time frame. You get two Doula's from the very start! We run 12 hour shifts so you  have a fresh Doula! Our Basic Primary Doula Package includes the following..

2 Doula's

-24/7 phone, text, email support throughout  your pregnancy, labor and birth.

1- Prenatal Visit

1- Postpartum visit

    Up to 2 hours after birth for

Breastfeeding Support


1 week of on call Postpartum Support

* We have other Packages to include discounts on prenatal massages and more*

 Massage  &  Lactation Services

In office

We offer a discount when you come to us!

30 Min. Session $40

1 Hour Session $75

90 Min. Session $100

8- 30 Min. Sessions $240

8- 1 Hour Session $520

8- 90 Min. Session $720

Lactation Support $75

Add On Services

K Taping $10

Cupping $10

Hot Stones $10

This Includes all Modalities

* Lymphatic Drainage

*Fertility Treatments

*Prenatal & Postpartum Treatments

*Instructional Infant Massage

*Myofascial Release

*Scar Tissue Treatments

*Deep Tissue Treatments

Massage & Lactation Support In-Home or Hospital

We are flexible and understand pregnancy and postpartum. Are you on bed rest?  Just had a baby? 

We will travel to you. All you have to do is relax! Sometimes its just easier for a Therapist or Doula to come to you in the privacy of your own home. We travel all over Houston and surrounding cities. 

1 Hour $100

90 Min. $125

Continuing Education for MassageTherapists

Our Coninuing Education classes are based off the State of Texas 12 hour requirments. We are currently offering Fertility Massage, 

Prenatal & Postpartum, 

Manual Lymphatic Drainage,

Myofascial & Sports Massage, Cupping & Taping, Thai and Infant Massage. 

Typically our classes are held the first Wednesday of every month from 



Postpartum Doula 


 Sibling Doula

What is a Postpartum Doula? She provides evidenced based information on things such as infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, mother and baby bonding, infant soothing and newborn care. We can also help with light house cleaning, light cooking, errands, and sibling care. We are here to help families in the first days and weeks after bringing your new baby home. This is a (short term) Service.  4 hour min for daytime and 6 hour min for nighttime.

Childbirth Education classes

Enjoy a FUN, Private or Group childbirth class! 

Private Childbirth 


Class will meet one day that is convenient for you and your birth partner. Class will last 3 hours.  

Group Childbirth


Class will meet once and is offered on the 3rd Saturday of every month from 10a-1p. Snacks & Drinks are provided!

 Learn about the stages of labor, birth and what to expect! Teaching evidence based birth practices. We will also cover postpartum, lactation support and comfort measures for home and hospital laboring. Turning expecting women and men into confident parents! 

Placenta Encapsulation

The Placenta is full of beneficial hormones, iron and proteins. May help with postpartum depression, balance hormones and increase breast milk supply. We can make placenta capsules, Tinctures, Umbilical Cord Keepsakes and Placenta Art. Price includes Pick-up & Delivery.

Labor Prep & Induction Massage

Preparing your body for labor and birth is important! Labor prep massage will help relax the muscles and ligaments of the pelvis to prepare your body for the birthing process. 

Labor induction massage is helpful in naturally inducing labor after 39 weeks of pregnancy. We use essential oils, trigger point's and natural remedy's to bring on the beginning stages of  labor.

Belly Casting

A Keepsake of your pregnant belly. We cast your belly around 37 weeks. Belly casting makes a beautiful piece of art and it's FUN to do! In the privacy of your own home or in our office.

What our customers are saying

This is a deal! Priscilla Brickey is amazing! She got me through 4 months of bed rest and I still come to her for therapeutic massages !

Carolyn Canow, Client